Estimates and Pricing

All clients needs and services can vary, therefore a free estimate would be the initial start on a price quote for your property. A free estimate can be scheduled by contacting us.

Notice of Fees

  • A Missed Appointment by a client is an automatic $125.00 fee if Winnipesaukee Cleaning arrives to clean and the client is not home to let in Winnipesaukee Cleaning.
  • If there is No Key, in which the client does not give Winnipesaukee Cleaning a key, does not leave a key in the agreed area, the client has the door locked and had said unlocked, or client states there will be a caretaker to unlock the property and is not there at the agreed time there will be an automatic $125.00 fee.
  • If Winnipesaukee Cleaning is given no alarm code or the incorrect alarm code and the alarm is on there is an automatic $125.00 fee if the alarm code goes off upon Winnipesaukee Cleaning entering the property.
  • If cleaning is not needed upon arrival of Winnipesaukee Cleaning and we were not informed 24 hours in advance there is an automatic $125.00 fee.
  • During the Winter months, when Winnipesaukee Cleaning is not able to enter the property due to lack of proper snow removal, meaning driveway must be adequately clear for a vehicle to enter there is an automatic $125.00 fee.
  • If Winnipesaukee Cleaning has to hire a third party to clear the snow, sand, or salt before entering the property/residence there will be an attached fee on the cleaning bill.

If Winnipesaukee Cleaning is at error with any of the above, the fee will be waived.

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