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At Winnipesaukee Cleaning, our services are designed to accommodate the various commercial and residential cleaning needs of residents, business owners, and anyone in between. When you contact our offices, our experienced staff can discuss your specific needs with you and provide you with a complimentary estimate as to the cost of your service.



In light of Governor Sununu’s recent stay at home order, Winnipesaukee Cleaning is considered an essential company and will remain open. We are taking the word essential as serious as possible, as we do believe cleaning is the first step in fighting against COVID-19. Disinfecting all surfaces in your home or office is important now more than ever. 

We also are continuing in protecting our employees and clients. Implementing any new safety measures every day to further safeguard all. 


As reality is setting in, in our small town of Meredith and the surrounding Lakes Region, with  regards to COVID-19, we at Winnipesaukee Cleaning cannot stress enough that cleanliness is the key to moving forward. 

The EPA has been working on building an ever evolving list of products that do help fight COVID-19 and other viruses and bacterias. We want to assure all of our clients that our cleaning products we have used in the past, that we continue to use today, do fight COVID-19. The link below provides the list from the EPA. As the list provides products using their active ingredient and generic name, we have gone through and confirmed what products we use on a daily basis that fall under the EPA’s list of disinfecting a surface. 

Furthermore we have implemented effective immediately all Winnipesaukee Cleaning employees to be screened upon arrival of each shift. The employee will be asked simple health questions and have their temperature taken. For overall protection we also have been disinfecting all company vehicles, door knobs, and light switches in our office to continue prevention of any contagions. 

If you would like further cleaning prevention, IE deep cleaning to additionally ward off any pathogens please reach out to our office via email or phone. 

We also would like to remind all of our clients that we ourselves being a small business in a small community can suffocate in a crises like this. The hysteria that can be created from a mass shut down can execute further disaster than the one we all are trying to protect from. We ask that you consider all factors of what Winnipesaukee Cleaning can do for you during a time when cleanliness is key.

Our most popular services include:

  • Roof cleaning: Power washing can ruin the appearance and structure of your roof over time, and endanger surrounding plants and foliage in the process. Instead, we offer environmentally safe roof cleaning options for commercial and residential properties in Meredith.
  • Exterior cleaning: Our exterior cleaning services in Meredith cover everything from rusty fencing, to dirty swing sets and even outdoor dog kennels! If you are looking for comprehensive cleaning solutions, reach out to our team at your earliest convenience!
  • Home cleaning services: Our home cleaning services are ideal for  residential properties and include a thorough general cleaning  of kitchens, bathrooms, and all indoor living spaces.
  • Janitorial services: Is your business in need of some serious cleaning? Is the job too big for a standard cleaning service? If so, you should consider our janitorial services at Winnipesaukee Cleaning! We commonly service office buildings, medical buildings, and other commercial properties!
  • Carpet cleaning: Looking to remove stains, dirt, dust, mites, and other buildup from your carpets? Our staff has the tools and expertise you necessary to assist you. For more information on our pricing and availability, feel free to contact our offices!
  • Window cleaning: If your windows are smudged and grimy, then potential visitors or clients may be deterred from entering your property. To ensure this doesn’t happen, schedule a consultation with our window cleaning experts today!
  • Post construction cleaning: Have excess debris on your job site? Looking for a safe and effective way to remove said obstacles? At Winnipesaukee Cleaning, we specialize in post construction clean up!

Looking for more information regarding any of our services? Call(603) 279-4769!

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